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Get PA Mixers, Accessories, and Guitar DI in Brisbane at Music 440

While the dream of achieving musical greatness can develop overnight, success is often a slow, labour-intensive process that demands commitment, discipline, and skill. The right equipment, however, can make the difference between mediocrity and magnificence.

If you’re just starting on your musical journey, you may be surprised to learn how much of the music you enjoy is created by layering and effects. Come down to Music 440 in Brisbane where seasoned musicians guide you through top-quality PA mixers, PA accessories, and guitar DI boxes sure to harness the unique sound you’ve developed.

PA Mixers, Accessories, and Guitar Di from Brisbane Available Australia Wide

PA mixers allow artists to be a one-man band as they take multiple audio tracks and combine them into a single layered piece. PA mixers also enable you to adjust the balance of individual audio layers so that preferred layers stand out more than others. Studio work is the most common use for PA mixers in Brisbane as each part of a song is recorded separately then blended in post. For example, the vocal, bass, and percussion tracks of your favourite hit song were produced in isolation, and music technicians then used PA mixers to blend the final album edit.

Don’t be deterred from music mixing due to the seeming complexity of mixers. At Music 440, our team gets to know our customers and offers advice compatible with your skill level. Once explored, you may find you still need PA accessories to fine-tune your mixing experience. PA accessories are available online alongside our expansive equipment inventory. No need to make an additional trip, we’ll ship your PA accessory online order quickly and free of cost on all orders over $50 throughout Australia.

Guitar DI units are primarily used in Brisbane for studio recordings and sometimes in conjunction with PA mixers. They mitigate high-impedance input so that instruments such as electric guitars don’t blow out the amps for playback or overpower the mixed layers. Additionally, guitar DI units diminish ground loops which cut unpleasant hums and feedback from your mix.

A Legacy of Passion for Music at Music 440

15 years ago, Collin Watson, lead guitarist for Pig Mouth, set out to establish a guitar shop that features the best models. He’s hand-picked a staff of enthusiastic musicians with extensive musical experience in performance and equipment. Since, we’ve expanded to offer quality string instruments, supplemental music equipment, and various accessories.

We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. This ensures both product quality and advanced product knowledge on our entire stock. Our reputation for curated, high-quality product offerings means that you can’ shop online at ease knowing you’re still getting the best equipment on the market.

We work together in a welcoming environment eager to share our knowledge and experience with each customer and help them sift through the options to select the equipment that suits their goals. Once selected, talk to our musicians about Zip Pay, the easy way to finance your equipment. Start enjoying your equipment today with no down payment and no interest for approved customers.

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