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No Deposit Interest Free Guitar Finance with Afterpay, zipPay and zipMoney from Music 440

Being able to buy your new guitar or amplifier with zipMoney, zipPay and Afterpay gives the customer amazing payment flexibility with flexible repayment options.

Whether you’re a beginner, collector, or seasoned professional, when you’re looking to buy a guitar, you’re best served by guitar enthusiasts with extensive playing experience. So why is it that most big-ticket brick-and-mortar stores utilise an unspecialised sales force? Often music store sales floors are staffed by youths getting their first taste at work experience. They may know how to treat you well, but lack the specialised knowledge required for making an informed decision on your instrument investment.

Then there’s the matter of cost. Even with the best frugal intentions, it seems the perfect instrument is always the most expensive. Passionate about connecting the musicians to the particular sound they have envisioned, we don’t believe that cost should be a prohibitive factor when creating music. Therefore, we offer guitar finance options that allow you to start playing today while you pay off your investment over time.

A New Path to Instrument Selection with Guitar Finance

Music 440 is different. Established by the lead guitarist for Pig Mouth’s Collin Watson, Music 440 began as a niche premium guitar outlet and has expanded to include amps, mixers, accessories, and additional instruments. Managed by a close-knit staff of passionate guitarists, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of leading brand name guitars as well as smaller brands that have caught our attention for their exceptional quality and audio output.

Our inventory is limited to items that we endorse ensuring that we intimately know each product offered. When you talk with our musicians, we answer your questions and provide informed advice as to an instrument or accessories’ ability to produce the sound you want. Many musicians are not aware that different guitars work best in specified settings. For instance, a guitar used for studio recordings may not create the best sound at live shows. Similarly, an ornate and cumbersome guitar isn’t ideal for the beginning strummer.

At Music 440, you don’t have to worry. We’re known for making compatible matches between customers and their instrument skill and use into consideration. This means that we know what you need at each skill level and performance setting as well as what you don’t need and are committed to putting customer needs above up-selling and profits. Once you’ve found the perfect instrument, we’ll assist you in applying for interest free guitar finance with no deposit.

No Deposit, No Interest, Just Flexible Pay

That’s right; we offer no deposit guitar finance for our entire inventory of Music 440 endorsed musical equipment including instruments and accessories. Don’t settle for substandard pieces. We’re committed to helping you discover and take home the right instrument for your musical journey. 

Music 440 has spent 15 years changing the way you buy musical instruments. Now, with the advent of our ecommerce site, you can access no-hassle, no gimmicks, guitar finance online. Browse our site for a full product list and detailed description. We offer free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $50 and through Zip Pay, qualified musicians enjoy interest free guitar finance.

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