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In the peak metal and hard rock days of the 1980s, few guitar brands were as in favour as Ibanez. The Japanese guitar company came to prominence for building stylish electric guitars that were easy to play fast. The design of Ibanez guitars made them ideal for quick and technical shredding, which made them the choice axes for many rock stars of the time.

Today, the popularity of that music may have waned somewhat—at least on the radio—but Ibanez guitars remain the pinnacle of speed, craftsmanship, and sound. If you are looking for Ibanez guitars on sale in Australia, look no further than Music 440.

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If you are in the market for a new electric guitar and are a fan of hard rock or metal, then you need to at least look at Ibanez guitars. Everything about these instruments is ideal for that kind of music, from the bold designs to the famously fast necks. Just look at Music 440’s stock of Ibanez guitars online. As you’ll see, the colourful designs of these guitars are the perfect complement to the rock star mythology. One of the guitars we currently have in stock is a Paul Stanley Signature model—as in, modern legend Paul Stanley from KISS.

As you will see from looking at our range of Ibanez guitars on sale, prices range quite a bit. There are budget models in the $300 to $700 range, but there are also more expensive models in the $1,400 to $1,900. Which model is right for you, and should you be planning to save up a lot of money before you even start shopping for a guitar? There are two points to remember here.

First, how good a guitar sounds tends to depend less on the guitar and more on the player. A great guitar player can make even a budget model sound like a million bucks. If you are a beginning or intermediate player, it often makes the most sense to buy a budget model to get in the swing of things (and to see if you like playing guitar). Our team at Music 440 can help you find the right Ibanez guitar for you.

Second, at Music 440, we have a commitment to quality that extends even to the most affordable guitars we sell. Just because you can find a $300 Ibanez guitar at our Brisbane store doesn’t mean the instrument is ‘cheap.’ On the contrary, Ibanez guitars have a reputation for being well-built, and we would never stock a guitar at Music 440 if we wouldn’t play it or use it ourselves. We have tested every instrument in our store and stand by every single one of them.

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Whether you are looking for Ibanez guitars in Brisbane or through Music 440’s online store, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Finding the right guitar—especially when you are a first-time buyer—can be overwhelming. We are here to make it easier, so feel free to get in touch today.

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