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Give Your Child the Gift of Music with Guitar Starter Kits, Beginner Packs, and Amp Deals Online

Music education benefits child development beyond just learning how to read notes or play a guitar. It reaches into every aspect of their lives. Music 440 strives to make including music in your child’s life easy with guitar and amp deals online. We personally handpick all the products we offer so you can be assured of their quality. Let us put together guitar beginner packs to perfectly suit your needs.

Benefits of Music Education

Learning music benefits your child in a variety of ways even if he or she won’t grow up to be the next Yo-Yo Ma. Studies show learning music helps children learn other subjects as well because it requires many sections of their brains to work simultaneously. The brain is like a muscle in that the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Making music involves the audio and visual parts of the brain working in concert with large and small muscle groups.

Music helps the development of language because it promotes the decoding of sound. Music and language both occupy the left side of the brain, so as a learner develops the brain through music, it consequently benefits their language capabilities. Music direction such as allegro and crescendo takes its roots from other languages, which can subtly teach children the relationships between the world’s tongues.

Research has shown an increase in overall IQ in children who were given music lessons over those who received no lessons. Neurological images of children involved in music show more neural connections that those who aren’t, which may be one of the causes for increased IQ.

Music also develops other skills that help your child through adulthood. For example, music requires discipline, teaching your child how to follow directions and how to dedicate time to practice. Children link hard work with success as they see progress through preparation. They learn to work through mistakes, make corrections, and move on.

Your child will be excited to perform, whether in your living room or during a formal recital at a music hall. Performing in front of others instils confidence, builds self-esteem, and teaches children to overcome their fears.

Start Your Child on the Musical Path with Guitar and Amp Deals Online

If you want to give your child the gift of music, we have guitar starter kits so your child has everything he or she needs to play. We offer smaller guitars for smaller hands which we can include in our guitar beginner packs. It’s never too late for adults to start to learn and enjoy playing, either. If you want to learn, too, we can put together guitar starter kits for electric, acoustic, classic, or bass enthusiasts.

Our physical store is in Brisbane but we provide guitar and amp deals online which can be shipped throughout Australia. If you want guitar starter kits, contact Music 440 and our knowledgeable staff can match the perfect guitar and accessories to you.

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