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Buy the Perfect Guitar Accessories, Strings, Cases, and Gig Bags Online from Music 440

From guitar cases to strings and picks, Music 440 has all the guitar accessories you need online. We are guitar aficionados and only stock high-quality products we would use ourselves, so you can be confident in our supplies. We offer well-known brands as well as smaller names we personally endorse because of their quality, performance, and value.

Quality Guitar Accessories Online

Our wide array of accessories can make it more fun and convenient and help you sound great. For example, when you buy guitar strings online, you will always have extras available for a quick change when one breaks or loses its tone. You won’t have to make an emergency trip to the store for a pack of strings.

You will buy more picks than any other guitar accessory online because the variety is so high—trust us, you’ll want to try many to figure out exactly what you like. They are also small and get lost easily, and it is handy to keep them stashed in a few different places so you can quickly find one whenever you want to play.

Unless you have an extraordinary ear, an electronic tuner is a must-have accessory: it allows you to tune your guitar with speed and precision. Tuners can pick up the sound waves from the air or models can be jacked into the guitars.

Capos adjust the length of the strings to modify the pitch of the guitar without you having to overtighten the tuning keys. You secure a capo to the neck of the guitar. The shorter the strings become, the higher the pitch of the sound.

A slide alters how the strings press against the frets. Normally, your fingers press individual strings to create different chords, but a slide allows you to change the length, hence the pitch, of the strings as a group. A slide gives you the ability to vary the pitch for continuous transitions as you slide it without stopping the vibrations.

Metronomes are devices that help you keep rhythm by providing an auditory or visual cue. Traditionally, they are inverted pendulums that adjust timing by the location of a weight. Modern metronomes include digital varieties—another accessory that’s hard for any guitar-lover to pass up.

Guitar Portability with Guitar Cases Online

Guitars are meant to be enjoyed with friends and performed at different venues, so they often need to be portable. Guitar gig bags and cases allow you to travel easily with your guitar while protecting it. We offer a variety of guitar cases online to suit the size and shape of your guitar as well as your need for hard or soft sides and carrying accessories.

Our selection of guitar accessories online is limitless, from straps and spare parts to cables and leads to stools and more. If you need help determining which accessories, such as guitar gig bags, capos, and slides, will truly enhance your guitar experience, contact Music 440, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you.

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