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Music 440 Offers Quality Bass Guitars in Our Physical and Online Stores in Brisbane

If you are looking for reputable bass guitar stores in Brisbane, Music 440 carries all the guitars and top-notch accessories you could need or want. If you don’t live in Brisbane, we offer all our products, including quality bass guitars, online. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we can tailor your shopping experience to suit your needs.

Types of Guitars

We offer a variety of different types of guitars and can help you determine which is the best choice for your playing style. All guitars fall into two categories, acoustic or electric, and subcategories exist as well as hybrids. We want to give you a little background on each basic type.

Acoustic guitars use their hollow bodies to create resonance and amplify sound. The benefits of relying on acoustic guitars include not needing electricity to create a great sound. It gives them versatility because you can play them anywhere, from at a gig to around a campfire. Acoustic guitars can include pickups or other modifications so they can be made louder with an amp.

Classical guitars are acoustic guitars that use nylon instead of metal strings, which gives them a full-bodied sound. Their wide and flat neck allows you to play with the speed that is characteristic of classical guitars but be warned this can make it difficult to play if you have shorter fingers.

Another type of acoustic guitar is the steel string, which gives a crisper and brighter tone than classical. These guitars have been an integral part of rock and folk music through the decades, from Elvis to Crosby, Stills, and Nash to Dave Matthews.

Electric guitars need to be plugged into an amplifier and have an electricity source to make a pleasant tone. Lead guitars usually have six strings like acoustic guitars, but they tend to be easier for beginners to play. Electrics don’t require you to push as hard on the strings to make a sound, and the strings are closer to the frets. Electrics allow you to make special sound effects that acoustics typically can’t produce.

How to Buy Bass Guitars Online

Bass guitars can be acoustic or electric. They typically have four strings. Acoustics have large, wide bodies for a warm and full sound. A 6-string bass called a guitarrón is a standard fixture in Mariachi bands. Electric versions of bass guitars provide the heart-thumping undertones that are characteristic of rock, funk, hip-hop, and dance music.

Modified versions of various guitars are available, such as 7-string and hollow-bodied electric guitars. We also carry 12-string acoustic guitars. Both electric and acoustic guitars can be modified for right- or left-handed playing.

If you are seeking reliable bass guitar stores in Brisbane or online, contact Music 440. We love music and guitars, and it shows in the quality of the bass guitars and accessories we offer. We invite you to visit our site often to keep an eye on the deals we provide. Our shipping is available throughout Australia to bring you the gift of music no matter where you are.

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