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What to Look for in Guitar, Bass, and Vocal Effect Pedals

When you’re trying to achieve a specific guitar tone, you may hear a lot of words such as “smooth,” “warm,” and “sustain.” It can be easier to describe the tone you want than to actually make it happen. Furthermore, we might sometimes dismiss quality equipment simple because we aren’t using it correctly. Here are some things to understand and keep in mind that can help you avoid disappointment and get the sound you want.


Ultimately, tone is a combination of numerous things all coming together the right way, and one of those things is using the right gear. Not all equipment is designed to work together, and even the best guitar effect pedals won’t produce the sound you want if you use them with the wrong gear. Keep in mind that the guitar is a lead instrument and as such – just like vocals – our ears tend to focus in the middle range. A guitar with a lot of high-end sounds may sound great alone but disappear behind the cymbals; too much low, and the guitar will be drowned out by the bass and drums. Make sure your guitar has enough mid-range for the best overall sound.


There are many different amp options and they represent different parts of the tone spectrum. Not all amps sound the same – not even amps of the same brand. The amp you choose may have a more pronounced mid-range, or it may have more scooped mids (more treble and bass than mids). Combining the wrong amp with your equipment can result in harsh sounds, so it’s important to understand the sound you’re going for and which amp will help you produce it. Remember that just because you aren’t happy with the sound doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your equipment – it just may not be designed to work together.

Guitar effect pedals

There are many things to consider when choosing pedals including distortion, overdrives, and fuzz. The same thing holds true for choosing a pedal as for deciding on an amp: There are many different ways to approach your sound and achieving the sound you want is as much the product of combining equipment correctly as choosing the best quality. In general, scooped mids work best with uncompressed amps while boosted mids work well with compressed amps.

Where to buy guitar, bass, and vocal effect pedals

Whether you’re looking for vocal, guitar, or bass effect pedals, an amp, an instrument, or something else, Music 440 can help. We are musicians ourselves, so we can answer all your questions and provide any advice you may need. We also sell only quality instruments and equipment that we would want to use, too. We stock a huge range of products including Ibanez guitars, Maton guitars, Fender guitars and amps, Blackstar amps, Strymon effects pedals, and much more in our Brisbane location and our online store. We’re never pushy – we understand the different needs of beginners and pros and we’ll tailor your shopping experience to your individual needs. Contact Music 440 today to learn more.

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