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Choosing Bass Guitar Amps and Where to Find Amplifiers and More on Sale Online

If you’re in the market for a new bass guitar amp, you will quickly find that there are so many different bass guitar amps on sale that it’s difficult to pin down the right one. Here is some information that can help you narrow down your choices and end up with the right amp for you.

Tube vs. solid state

Many people find that solid state bass guitar amps serve their needs beautifully without breaking the bank. Tube amplifiers can be significantly more expensive, and they tend to be more fragile, as well. However, a tube amp will typically produce a much better overdrive. Solid state amps, by contrast, will play plenty loud – but the distortion produced at their upper limits can be rather unpleasing. Solid state amps are generally built with enough headroom to avoid this problem, though, so it shouldn’t necessarily be a deciding factor.

Head and cabinet vs. combo amp

If you are playing small clubs or studio gigs, an “all-in-one” amp should suit your needs just fine. However, for auditoriums, open arenas, and larger halls, your best bet is going to be high-powered heads with single or double cabinets. Just like choosing a standard guitar amp, you’ll need to figure out whether you need a high-gain unit or not.

Speaker size

When it comes to speaker size, is bigger necessarily better? Simply put, no. Modern bass cabinets can handle much more than their counterparts of yesteryear. Successful bass players are increasingly relying on outstanding cabinet design and less on speaker size. It’s a good idea to ask the salesperson at the store (physical or online) for advice; a good music store will employ professionals who can answer all your questions about the products they sell.

Intended use

Most bass players find it preferable to invest in one high-quality amp that suits all their needs rather than paying for one for live performance and one for practice. That’s why there tend to be fewer available small practice amps for bass players. That means that no matter which amp you choose, the odds are that it will sound great in the studio as well as onstage.

Where to find bass guitar amps online

These are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping for bass guitar amplifiers. At Music 440, we can help answer all your questions and assist you in selecting the perfect amp or any other equipment you need. With an online store as well as a physical location in Brisbane, we offer convenience, experience, and a fantastic customer service experience. Our range of bass guitar amps includes Fender, Blackstar, and Ampeg options and we frequently have items on sale – so be sure to check out our Spot Deals. We are musicians ourselves, so we’re passionate about helping make music accessible to everyone, from beginners to pros. If you have any questions at all or there’s any way we can help you find exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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