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Find Maton Guitars and Other High-Quality Brands On Sale Online or in Brisbane, Australia

At Music 440, we are dedicated to selling the highest quality guitars out there. To us, it’s irrelevant whether a brand is huge and iconic or smaller and less well-known if that brand stands for quality. ... read more.

Start Shredding Today: Check Out the Ibanez Guitars On Sale Online and at Our Brisbane, Australia Store Music 440

In the peak metal and hard rock days of the 1980s, few guitar brands were as in favour as Ibanez. The Japanese guitar company came to prominence for building stylish electric guitars that were easy to play fast. The design of Ibanez guitars made them ideal ... read more.

Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar? Find Acoustic and Acoustic Electric Guitars on Sale Online from Music 440

Perhaps you are interested in learning how to play guitar, or maybe you are buying a guitar as a gift for someone and don’t know where to start. Either way, Music 440 can help. We have been in business for 15 years and sell a wide range of guitars ... read more.

Choosing the Right Electric Guitar Amp: Find Amplifiers on Sale Online and Buy with Confidence

When it comes to electric guitar, most of the attention is always paid—appropriately—to the guitar itself. How the guitar looks, how it sounds, how it feels to play: these are the elements guitar players care most about, and the details audiences pay attention ... read more.

Music 440 Offers Quality Bass Guitars in Our Physical and Online Stores in Brisbane

If you are looking for reputable bass guitar stores in Brisbane, Music 440 carries all the guitars and top-notch accessories you could need or want. If you don’t live in Brisbane, we offer all our products, including quality bass guitars, online. Whether ... read more.

Give Your Child the Gift of Music with Guitar Starter Kits, Beginner Packs, and Amp Deals Online

Music education benefits child development beyond just learning how to read notes or play a guitar. It reaches into every aspect of their lives. Music 440 strives to make including music in your child’s life easy with guitar and amp deals online. We ... read more.

Buy the Perfect Guitar Accessories, Strings, Cases, and Gig Bags Online from Music 440

From guitar cases to strings and picks, Music 440 has all the guitar accessories you need online. We are guitar aficionados and only stock high-quality products we would use ourselves, so you can be confident in our supplies. We offer well-known brands ... read more.

What to Look for in Guitar, Bass, and Vocal Effect Pedals

When you’re trying to achieve a specific guitar tone, you may hear a lot of words such as “smooth,” “warm,” and “sustain.” It can be easier to describe the tone you want than to actually make it happen. Furthermore, we might sometimes dismiss quality equipment ... read more.

Choosing Bass Guitar Amps and Where to Find Amplifiers and More on Sale Online

If you’re in the market for a new bass guitar amp, you will quickly find that there are so many different bass guitar amps on sale that it’s difficult to pin down the right one. Here is some information that can help you narrow down your choices and end ... read more.

The Benefits of Learning to Play Musical Instruments and Where to Find Music Stores in Brisbane, Australia and Online

Have you ever thought about learning to play a musical instrument? If so, don’t hesitate any longer. Mastering a new musical skill has countless benefits when it comes to your mental and social health as well as your overall confidence and happiness ... read more.

Get PA Mixers, Accessories, and Guitar DI in Brisbane at Music 440

While the dream of achieving musical greatness can develop overnight, success is often a slow, labour-intensive process that demands commitment, discipline, and skill. The right equipment, however, can make the difference between mediocrity and ... read more.

Music 440 Offering Interest Free Equipment and Musical Instrument Payment Plans to Australia Online

As hard as you tried to preserve it, your musical instrument is broken and needs replacement. As life would have it, finances are tight, and your budget for a new piece is small. You’ve shopped all your local stores and browsed countless online stores ... read more.

No Deposit Interest Free Guitar Finance from Music 440

Whether you’re a beginner, collector, or seasoned professional, when you’re looking to buy a guitar, you’re best served by guitar enthusiasts with extensive playing experience. So why is it that most big-ticket brick-and-mortar stores utilise an ... read more.

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