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    Maton Guitars


    At Music 440, we are dedicated to selling the highest quality guitars out there. To us, it’s irrelevant whether a brand is huge and iconic or smaller and less well-known if that brand stands for quality.

    When we opened the doors to our Brisbane shop 15 years ago, we did so with a commitment to selling only guitars that we ourselves would happily play as guitarists. That push for quality is the reason we offer internationally-known brands like Maton Guitars on sale, and it’s also the reason we have gone out of our way to find and stock guitars from boutique instrument companies. When you come to Music 440, you can always rest assured you are going to get a high-quality instrument.

    Why We Stock Guitars from Smaller Brands

    Many of the customers who come to our store are looking for Maton guitars in Brisbane, or for other well-known brands like Ibanez or Cort Guitars. It makes sense that people want to buy what they are familiar with already. Especially for people who are buying their first guitars, there is some comfort to purchasing something that comes from a brand that is already a household name.

    In this brand-driven market, you may wonder why Music 440 makes a point of stocking guitars from smaller, independent guitar makers. Consider this: before everyone was shopping for Maton guitars online—and long before famous artists like George Harrison owned and played Maton models—the company was just the dream of two brothers. Maton Guitars got its start in 1946 as an entrepreneurial venture between bothers Bill and Reg May.

    Eventually, Maton would gain a global reputation for building high quality instruments—especially acoustic guitars, which is where Bill and Reg got their start. To this day, Maton is a relatively small business. They employ about 60 people and are still family owned and operated. The company never became a big corporate enterprise, which is part of the reason the guitars remain iconic to this day.

    We love Maton instruments, which is why we stock Maton guitars at our Brisbane store and online. However, we are also passionate about finding the next Maton: the next independent business driven by passionate, talented people who love guitars as much as we do. That’s why we will never stop selling instruments from smaller businesses. For us, brand name always matters less than the quality of the instrument. We find that our customers have a similar philosophy.

    Find Maton Guitars on Sale at Our Store, or Check out Our Wide Selection

    If you are shopping for a new guitar, stop into Music 440 today. We can help you find the perfect Maton guitar online or in our Brisbane store, or we can show you some of the instruments we stock from smaller and lesser-known brands. Either way, you can trust that our number one goal will always be to find you a top-tier instrument. Give us a call today to learn more.

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